Our Foster Care Adventure (Part 2)

30 10 2012

If you haven’t read part 1 yet, you might want to start there.

I mentioned in my previous post that there are training classes we needed to attend. Going down the path of becoming licensed foster parents meant that we had to complete 30 hours of training. This came in the form of 10 3-hour classes on Monday nights. We missed one class of the 10 due to travel so we did the make-up class a few days before the surgery on my foot. We also had to complete CPR and First Aid training.

We expected that with my foot surgery the whole process would slow down and it did. During this time we came under what I can only describe as a spiritual attack. We had an invasion of ants, we discovered we had termites, we had to replace our water heater and garbage disposal, we had to replace the batteries in two vehicles and repair a tire. We also have had to deal with folks trying to convince us that this is a bad decision. “Why do you want all these problems?” “Your kids are almost out of the house now you should be taking it easy.” One person even asked if we were doing this for the money. Fortunately this only brought us closer to God and we prayed to see how God was going to work in this situation.

At this point we needed bedroom furniture, fire extinguishers and escape ladders, locks for medicines and harmful chemicals and we still had to pay for the CPR/First Aid classes. As a result of these attacks, the money we had put aside for initial foster care expenses was almost gone and our emergency funds have been hit pretty hard. We also asked for friends to pray for us.

Since we prayed to God, and asked others to join us, we have seen miracles happen. A friend “just happened” to need to get rid of 2 twin mattresses and a dresser. It turns out that the termites were caught early so there is no structural, or any visible, damage to repair. We found a place to get our CPR/First Aid training for $15. Just FYI the Red Cross charges $110 for the same course! Our initial home inspection is scheduled on November 5th and all our paperwork, that we know needs to be completed, is done.

I don’t mean to make this sound like it has been one battle after another. It hasn’t. There have been some spots where our commitment to following God has been tested. We have also been blessed by a majority of our friends being VERY supportive. Since finding out that we are pursuing becoming foster parents, I have had several friends share that they were foster kids. I have been blessed to be able to answer questions for another family considering adoption. We even have some friends that are even more excited about us becoming foster parents than I think we are at this point.

The training classes made it abundantly clear that being a foster parent is not a “cake-walk”. At times it is likely going to be very difficult. However, we know that going in so it won’t be a shock or surprise. We also view this as our ministry field. We may very well be the first Jesus’ ambassadors that the parents or kids have ever seen! We have also started to get to know others who are currently foster parents so we have folks to ask about situations as they come up. We have discovered that apparently late night trips to Wal-Mart are a normal event when kids get placed in your home.

Until next time …



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